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Seven Reasons Why BlueberryCMS Is Better Than WordPress

Here are the top seven reasons why BlueberryCMS is more valuable than WordPress:

  1. Blueberry is a secure software as a service developed specifically for the web design and marketing industry.
    We are not an open source website platform that allows anyone in the world to write code like plug-ins and patches for your website. We hand code in-house. So, number one is SECURITY.
  2. On the same note, with Blueberry, there is no down time.
    If BlueberryCMS breaks down, then the entire Internet is down. We are hosted on Amazon Web Services Cloud servers that are placed strategically around the globe for safety and to optimize website download speeds. WordPress sites break down quite frequently. Trust us, we’ve inherited more than our fair share of these disasters.
  3. We don’t have application plug-ins.
    Our platform is a website business solution for web designers. This means the features you need are mixed into the cake. With BlueberryCMS, you can grow your web design or marketing business by increasing productivity and offering more services. All of the features on our platform we create by our team. We promise to stay cutting edge by always adding value. Every feature we add to our platform answers one single question: Is this valuable for our customer?
  4. We have a drag and drop web page designer feature.
    Our platform is dual mode. You can design in drag and drop mode or switch to developer mode to code with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You also have your choice between Bootstrap and Foundation and all of our websites are responsive and mobile ready.
  5. Collecting the content from your clients is exhausting.
    That’s why we’ve designed an internal workflow to help your team communicate easily with your clients. Our system sends out content requests that web developers can then immediately turn into to code.
  6. Internet and social media marketing have become essential to the success of a brand and business.
    Having a great website is no longer good enough, this we all know. So, we decided to add more value by integrating social media management tools with our platform. With our platform, you will be able to load content, schedule posts across multiple channels, schedule and load an email blast and even trigger a timely blog on your client’s website. Yes, all the tools that makes life easier, with much more to come.
  7. WordPress is not a content management system.
    Sure, WordPress is great for posting a quick blog or creating content on the fly. But, if you want your website to securely collect data or (more importantly) collect leads that can turn into sales, walk away from WordPress now. Is there a CMS plug-in? Yes, there’s a plug-in for everything. We would never trust it and we refuse to leave our client’s valuable information vulnerable to being hacked thru a plug-in.

That's it for now folks - see you again real soon.

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