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BlueberryCMS offers a wide range of features designed to make building websites easier for your web agency.

* denotes part of a Future Release

Project Management

When you have multiple web design projects in your pipeline, you know that organizing and managing these projects can be a major challenge. Everything we do here at BlueberryCMS is designed to make your daily work experience easier and more productive. Our platform provides all the tools to help web designers and marketing agencies be successful.

Free SSL Certificate

Search engines give top priority ranking to websites accessible via HTTPS. With our platform, every website comes standard with a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

Project Management Tools

Manage all your client websites, email marketing and social media posts with a single login.

Domain Registrar Built-In

No more needing to log into a separate account to purchase and manage your client's domains. Our built-in domain registrar saves you time and money.

Email Integration

Go ahead, create email addresses for your customers. Every website you build for your clients will have email services included! You can also point email services to an external email providers.

Zero Maintenance

No more headaches about server updates or installing the latest patches (we're talking to you WordPress). Your client websites receive regular system updates automatically.

Approval Workflows*

Allow several designers to develop pages and set workflows to approve changes prior to publishing. These approvers can be internal or external customers or in some cases both.

Financial Tools

Track the financial aspects of a web project like tracking hourly costs and the profitability of the website.

100% White Label

With our white labeled platform you can add your logo, and other branding to make it appear the platform is your creation.

Website Development

We realize a significant amount of content on this site speaks directly to web designers but we’ve devoted just as much time and energy to helping website developers. These positions and tasks can often get blurred. Our built-in responsive frameworks give web developers a strong foundation to start any type of project. Our team will always be working behind the scenes to create valuable features for developers.

Built-in Responsive Frameworks

Build your client websites using one of the popular responsive frameworks - Bootstrap or Foundation. It's totally your choice.

Google Fonts

We have built-in the Google Fonts so you can easily select from the most popular fonts to use in your website project.

Web Form Builder

Create custom Web Forms to collect a variety of information from website users. Automated workflows can be assigned to individual forms.

Content Layouts

The content layouts in our platform provide containers for all types of website elements. This feature lets you choose where you position the content on each page.

Global Settings

Utilize the ability to enter global settings for website elements such as typography, buttons, backgrounds, site icons, headers, footers and even CSS.

Menu Builder

Our custom menu builder allows you to create easy website navigation by naming sections, adding menu item properties and selecting menu templates.

Built-In Search

By using our site search module, you can add a search box to individual web pages or to web page templates. This feature will show results from your site content.

File Manager

Manage your clients website images and other site documents all within the backend File Manager. Our File Manager also provides easy access to UnSplash stock imagery.

Site Templates*

We make creating websites faster with our website Templates. With the click of a button you can easily duplicate a website to customize it.

Content Management

Our content management system includes photo galleries, event modules, blog posts, news sections and frequently asked question components and many other features making websites more attractive to the search engines and also to visitors.

Data Collections

Create and define custom data structures by setting up fields. Each of these fields represent data that can then be used to form specialized content.

Dynamic Content

Liquid scripting engine allows you to dynamically infuse your HTML pages with content stored in the site. Whether it’s Blogs, Menus, Contacts, Reviews, or a collection of data that you dream up.

Version Control*

Save time in the development stage with our version control feature. Our system allows website designers view the history of each page and resource file to quickly revert styles and content if needed.

Blog Module

Create multiple blogs by choosing a blog template with available publish and expiration dates. Add blog descriptions and blog posts with text and photos.

FAQ Module

Our easy to use Frequently Asked Questions module makes it simple to add FAQ to your websites to help improve customer interactions.

Events Module

Add various types of events with custom information to a website on our platform. Let site visitors sign up for events and hide that event when it’s full.

Gallery Module

Using this module, you can create a collection of images located in a common folder. BlueberryCMS galleries can be added to one or more pages in your site.

News Module

Display news items in either a list view or a calendar view. When a visitor clicks an individual item, the news item or announcement is displayed on a separate page.

Location Maps*

Help your client's customers find their business by displaying our custom mapping feature.

Media Downloads

Media Downloads allow you to manage downloadable items such as PDF files, word documents, videos and music.


Search engine optimization is more important now than ever before on the web. Competition for top page placement and proper ranking is fierce. Make sure all of your client’s websites perform well in local and organic searches. On page optimization is a crucial factor when building modern sites.

URL Redirects

Moving a website from another provider to BlueberryCMS and some pages have a new URLs. Don't lose your clients page rank. Create custom redirects to the new page URL.

Automatic Sitemap XML

Create an XML Sitemap that automatically submits to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. This tool helps to index your site content effectively.

Meta Data Information

When it comes to digital resource management on the web, meta data info can provide a unique characterization or identifiers for specific content.

Google Analytics

What good is a website without accurate analytics? We’ve incorporated the ability to add Google Analytics to any website hosted on our platform.


Use our Tagging system to organize item with labels to make it easier for users to find the content they are looking for.

SEO Friendly URLs

Create custom SEO friendly URLs by describing content, incorporating appropriate keywords, and separate words with hyphens to meet the needs of users and searchers.


Unlike open source platforms such as WordPress, BlueberryCMS was built from the ground up in-house. You'll never have to worry about patches or plug-ins with our web design platform. The security of your data and assets is extremely important when it comes to trusting a web design platform.

Powered by AWS

BlueberryCMS lives on Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure cloud platform. AWS is the world's most trusted cloud-based solution with quality support and services.

Automatic Backups

Each website comes with regular automatic backups of your sites files and databases.

Users and Roles

Manage contributor access for client websites, with multiple levels of website permissions. This feature allows you to keep access to the website internally or share permissions directly with your clients.

Custom Error Page

A 404 missing page error is displayed for moved or deleted pages. Customizing the error pages lessen the aggravation for users over missing pages.

Audit Log

Our system automatically tracks who made what change and when it happened. This helps track project time requirements to analyze profitability. Nice to know someone is watching.

Secure Zones

With our Secure Zone modules, you can create a membership only area on your sites. These pages will only be visible to users who have log-in credentials.

API Connections*

We offer a wide range of APIs to extend the core functionality of BlueberryCMS. You can create new applications, and integrate with external third-party systems.


Although our platform was built for web designers, we have also developed some incredible tools sure to help a marketing agency thrive. We've created a robust customer relationship management (CRM) feature to capture contact information, internal custom workflows, an integrated social media publisher and offer MailChimp as our Email marketing solution.

Custom Workflows

You can set up custom workflows for internal business processes that require multiple people to be notified throughout the completion process.

Sales CRM

Our built-in system for capturing contact information can become part of a management workflow to increase sales conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Built-in connection to MailChimp so that you can easily view subscribers and results from marketing campaigns.

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