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Hosting Plans

Every plan is ripe with features!

BlueberryCMS offers a range of hosting plans to meet the needs of a small business to a large business.

  BlueberryBasic BlueberryPro BlueberryElite
  Get Started Get Started Get Started
Storage Space 100GB 150GB 200GB
Bandwidth 500GB/month 1TB/month 2TB/month
Email Accounts 2 5 10
Reliable AWS Hosting
Domain Registrar It's never been easier to manage domains, than with our built-in domain registrar features.
Free SSL
Liquid Render Engine
Automatic Updates and Improvements No need to worry about having to install patches and fixes for add-on modules.
Automatic Site Map XML file Our platform creates a sitemap.xml file on daily for search engines to use.
Content Management
Content Collector We take the hard part out of content collection, with our built-in Content Collector.
Data Collections
Content Holders
Web Pages
Page Templates
WYSIWYG Editor We use SummerNote for our WYSIWYG editor.
File Manager
UnSplash Stock Photo Integration
Menu Builder
Business Profile
Google Fonts
Blog Module
FAQ Module
Events Module
News Module
Galleries Module
Ad Rotator
Form Builder
Site Search
URL Redirects
Contact Manager
Contacts CRM
Secure Zone
Subscriptions Segment and maintain more than one group for more targeted email marketing campaigns.
Google Analytics
MailChimp Integration
Landing Pages
Popups (future release)
API Integrations
Google Webmaster
Bing Webmaster
Google Maps Integration
Dropbox Integration (future release)
Box Integration (future release)
iDrive Integration (future release)
API Usage (future release)
Project Management
100% White Label Completely brand BlueberryCMS to look like its your own web design platform.
Agency Admin Dashboard Manage web projects and team members, review invoices, view stats and more from the Dashboard.
Time Tracking for Projects Keep track of project costs and profit with our simple time tracking.
Unlimited Admin Users
Automatic Backups We provide FREE monthly automatic backups. Shorter backup intervals are available by updating Backup feature.
Custom Workflows Customize workflows to meet your company's business practices.
Customer Support
EOL Parachute We would never leave you hanging. We provide a simple process to package your website into a zip file. That you can use to move your site.
Online Documentation and Tutorials
24/7 Ticketing Support
Live Chat Support


Do BlueberryCMS partners get a partner website?

Yes. All BlueberryCMS partners will receive one free Pro-level website to use to promote their business. As with any free offer some restrictions apply. You must have one paid website on our platform to qualify.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my BlueberryCMS hosting plan at any time?

Yes. All you'll need to do is click upgrade or downgrade at any time. Upgrades take effect immediately, and downgrades take effect at the end of the current billing cycle for that site.

Does BlueberryCMS have WebApps like Business Catalyst?

Yes. This was by far the most requested feature by the Business Catalyst community. We call this feature "Data Collections" and it's a totally upgraded version of Web Apps. Our Data Collections can be heirarchical and not just limited, flat tables like they were in Business Catalyst. This gives our partners the ability to build robust, custom database features into their web solutions.

Where is BlueberryCMS hosted?

BlueberryCMS is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. By strategically hosting BlueberryCMS across geographic regions, we provide high availability, platform continuity, and optimal performance by reducing Internet latency when hitting a BlueberryCMS hosted site. The AWS Cloud regions that currently host BlueberryCMS are as follows: United States and Australia/Asia-Pacific.

Will BlueberryCMS have free website templates?

Yes. Our team will constantly be creating and releasing new website templates you can use for your projects. You can also create your own website templates to use within your agency.

How does the automatic backups work on BlueberryCMS?

Every time a BlueberryCMS website is published, every new or updated webpage, image and document gets backed up. So the first time a website is published, the entire site gets backed up and then every update that gets published is an incremental backup. Additionally, automatic nightly database backups occur on all data specific to each site.

Is BlueberryCMS an Open Source website platform?

No. Unlike WordPress which was created in an open source code enviroment, our entire platform and website features have been developed internally and thus less suspectible to hackers.

Will BlueberryCMS have email services for hosted websites?

Yes, BlueberryCMS provides email services through OpenSRS. The number of email mailboxes is determined by the hosting subscription.

Can I increase the number of email addresses without upgrading my hosting subscription?

Yes. You can increase the number of email addresses for your client by adding them to the monthly billing. We offer single email accounts for $1.50 per email and bulk amounts that come with a small discount the more you buy.

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