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Migrate Your Business Catalyst Website

With September 26, 2021 approaching fast, it's time to abandon the sinking USS Business Catalyst. Find a safe harbor with BlueberryCMS. From the very beginning, we promised to help the Adobe Business Catalyst community with a secure and trusted replacement.

All Business Catalyst migrations must be completed before July 31, 2021.
After this date our BC Migration API will no longer be available.

Not only does BlueberryCMS have all the core features of Business Catalyst, like a CMS, CRM, Email Marketing, E-Commerce, Hosting, Analytics. BlueberryCMS goes beyond "replacing" Business Catalyst with built-in features that make it easier to build websites.

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That’s why we enlisted the help of the Adobe Business Catalyst migration experts at BC Exporter. We invested in this technology so Adobe BC partners could migrate their existing websites to BlueberryCMS free of charge. Our built-in BC Migration tool is designed to save you serious time and frustration. As long time Adobe BC partners ourselves, we felt a unique responsibility to make this process as seamless as possible.

What makes BlueberryCMS better than Business Catalyst?

More Affordable Hosting
Content Collector
Free SSL
Project Management
Automatic Backups
Better Workflows
Improved WebApps
Improved Modules
Built-in Domain Registrar
Responsive Backend
Free Stock Images
Updated Webmail
Email migration illustration

What about my client's email accounts

BlueberryCMS uses the same email hosting provider as Adobe BC, so migrating Business Catalyst hosted email accounts is easy and painless. Technically the email accounts are not even moving. It's simply a matter of changing the ownership of the account from Adobe to BlueberryCMS. If your client's email is hosted by a third-party provider like GMail, then you don't need to migrate anything.

Need help transferring your Business Catalyst site?

Below are our preferred agency partners that are experts at migrating your BC site and can get your website up and running on BlueberryCMS.